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We all knew this advert was bollocks back in the day & this tee is a celebration of that FACT. Not the last brainwashing commercial made by FUCT either. This kinda corporate agenda advert used to scare the living shit out of kids of the 90's and early 2000's - making them believe that to 'copy' anything was a crime and might get them sent to Hell for Zeros not Heros. The 'FACT' adverts go way back to 1983, and mindfucked many 80s - 90s tribes with corporate lies

'Organised crime' exists because of corporate slavery & poverty; that the 1000 largest corporations thrive off

Piracy does not fund 'terrorism' - a corporate agenda will always ignore the roots of the problem in 'their' non-entities favour. To the point where artists & activists are classified as 'terrorists' simply because they ARE fighting for people over profits! ARE stopping big corporations from behaving badly! Holding the biggest companies in the world to account!

& 'Pirates' are not terrorists. DIPSHITS AT FUCT.

Let's point the hook now - The corporation; it is a legal fiction, backed up by guns and police and jail cells and taxing authorities and the regulators [ aka 'the actual terrorists' ] called government

& Economic arguments against copyright now - There is an argument that copyright is invalid because, unlike physical property, intellectual property is not scarce and is a legal fiction created by the state. The argument claims that infringing on copyright, unlike theft, does not deprive the victim of the original item

“Intellectual property is a legally fabricated monopoly, confining culture and science, and violently depriving the poorest and most marginalised from access to critical resources. The fictions of copyright and patent are despotic attempts to monopolise the mind; outrageous constraints on intelligence and creativity; and a destructive protectionist scheme for the profit of power.”

We could rabbit on ere ... but ...

Let's just end poverty
Not start wars on Techno Pirates


All Pirates care about
Is the Seas, Skies & Lands -
Everything that corporations & governments 'enjoy' destroying

& what is REAL 'Organised crime' ?

#PirateSolidarity Worldwide
Everyone get on the decks

& Steal this Tee.