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Under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill most peaceful protest would become a crime, and the police would be handed the tools to silence the voices of ordinary people - particularly those most marginalised and disadvantaged

Peaceful protest is a fundamental democratic right, empowering people to have their voices heard, and to hold the Government to account

And it’s never been more important

Protests are designed to attract attention to a cause or issue and the most effective way to do that is by being as noisy and visible as possible. Opponents to the Bill say its vague wording could mean it is used to stamp out any and all dissent

This is a crucial moment for demanding system change: on the intersectional issues that mean the most vulnerable in society will suffer the worst effects of climate change, be the most likely victims of police abuse, just as they’ve been disproportionately affected by austerity and Covid

Together, we have the power to create real change

This campaign is about standing up to the system that is willing to harm people and planet - and it’s only together that we’ll succeed

Stand in solidarity with Kill the Bill

The bill hands over the power of deciding whether a protest is justified or should be allowed — decisions we as citizens have had for generations — directly to the Home Secretary. That’s an extremely chilling development. It’s completely contradictory to everything the liberty of the free citizen is about in Britain