Copyleft x Sabo-Tabby - "Middlez™

Copyleft x Sabo-Tabby - "Middlez™

Sabo; "But, who are; they?
Salem; "Don't get smart with meme.

“Intellectual property is a legally fabricated monopoly, confining culture and science, and violently depriving the poorest and most marginalised from access to critical resources. The fictions of copyright and patent are despotic attempts to monopolise the mind; outrageous constraints on intelligence and creativity; and a destructive protectionist scheme for the profit of power.” – Anon.

As every good anarchist cat khnowls, “property is theft”; however, an analysis of property seems to have been all but abandoned by the Left. In this time of total ecological crisis, in the face of a rising tide of fascism not seen since the 1930s, it can seem almost twee to be caught quibbling over property rights. But what if the proprietary mindset, including the ownership of ideas, remains at the root of all our problems?


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